„WHOM – the customer“

All within the organization are centered on the customer.

Is the customer really known – and put center stage?

Customer centricity:

is the organization truly centered on the customer? And is this centricity consistent throughout?


is there a clear profile of the target customer and described as accessible personality? Is this profile known to all throughout the company?


are these customers loyal and is this measured? Is the same true for the employees and stakeholders?

Design approach:

On the basis of a customer profile (Persona) all development activities and service blue-prints can be focused and integrated into one proposition.
Only if the proposition is centered on the target customer, it can fulfill real needs: “if you design experiences for everybody, you end up fulfilling nobodies wish!”*


Customer centricity

Developing segmentation criteria in alignment with the brand positioning.


Realistic and authentic description of the target customer. Customer profiles to improve the identification with customer needs.

Measuring effect

Checking the impact through loyalty measurements (NPS), touch point impact and design impact measurement or customer centricity scoring (CCScore).