„WHO – the staging brand“

The organizational drivers: personality, motivation, values and visions.

Does the brand have a personality – and is it clearly communicable?


What is the business’ core motivation – does it come from within, or is it influenced from outside?


What’s the brands’ personality and how does it influence corporate culture?


How deep-rooted are organizational values, are they translated into guidelines, equally spread and lived across the organization?


is there a tangible vision that inspires all to collaborate and draw motivation from?

Design Approach

On the basis of a personality profile, corporate values and conducts can be derived and thus clearly communicated to employees, stakeholders and designers alike.
Only if the organizations’ personality is understood and lived by all in an equable fashion, a common basis for a holistic and integrated design approach is given.


Motivation analysis

Analysis of the outer- and inner view, positioning of the organizational motivation.

Brand Personality

Developing Brand Personality, Value set, Ambitions and Brand Foundation.

Brand Positioning

Benchmarking of competitive field, demarcation and positioning.

Vision articulation

Articulation of vision through story-telling and vision prototypes.