„WHAT – the promise“

Do the propositions deliver on their promise?

Does the offer come from the heart – and can it gain loyal customers?


what is the brand promise and is it consistently and clearly separable from the competitors’? Does this promise fit to the organizations’ personality?


how are true insights on customer needs captured, and are they clearly articulated? Can the brand promise add any meaning in fulfilling these?


are products conceived as a customer experience? And: is this experience of relevance to the target customer?

Design approach:

All propositions are conceived as holistic customer experiences, in which the brand promise is consistently delivered across all touch points.
Only if the experience genuinely fits the personality of the staging brand, and answers real customer insights, it can be perceived as relevant and therefore valuable.


Proposition Design

Creating a value proposition house based on company values and brand promise.

Experience design

Design of propositions as holistic customer journeys by the use of service blue prints.

Insight driven innovation

Design Thinking approach to empathize with customer needs and to develop innovative concepts that lead to viable propositions.