„HOW – the implementation“

Is the customer journey designed coherently and consistently?

Is the the experience orchestrated – and is the design implementation throughout?

Design Principles:

are the brand values translated into design principles that from the basis for all design activities?


does the brand personality have an unique appeal that is clearly designated and identifiable amongst competitors?

Design Management:

is there a process that safeguards the consistent implementation of principles and guidelines across all touch points?

Design approach

A careful crafted process ensures that design principles can be created in alignment with company values, and thereby ensures that touch point implementation is leading to an unified
identity. Only if all design activities are purposely orchestrated, holistic customer journeys can be created.


Design Principles

Development and description of over-arching guidelines derived from brand values.

Identity design

Alignment of the brand positioning with CI. Development of ‘Meta Style Guides’ to guide experience design.

Process development

Specifying major design processes and alignment with corporate processes.

Design orchestration

Aligning the various activities by use of the design canvas.